Sports ‘n Stuff 8/17/22

The Girl Scouts just unveiled their newest cookie . . . a RASPBERRY version of Thin Mints, minus the mint part.
They’re called Raspberry Rallys, and they’re billing them as a “sister” cookie to Thin Mints.
Their site has a countdown ticker that says they’ll be out in early January.

In the upcoming film “Wise Guys”, Robert De Niro will play real-life, rival mobsters Vito Genovese and Frank Costello.
Genovese tried to have Costello killed, and while the attempt failed, it basically forced Costello into retirement.
So in other words, you could say that in this movie, De Niro will try to WHACK HIMSELF.
It’ll be directed by Barry Levinson, the guy who did “Rain Man”, “The Natural”, and “Good Morning Vietnam”.
No release date has been set.

J.J. Watt found what he thought was a baby rattlesnake in his bathroom in Arizona. He called an exterminator to get rid of the snake only to find out it wasn’t a venomous rattler after all.
“Everyone said ‘watch out for the scorpions, watch out for the rattlesnakes, you live close to the mountains, there’s gonna be snakes,'” Watt said in a video posted on Twitter Saturday. Arizonans also warned Watt to be extra careful with rattlesnakes,” and that rattlesnake babies “are the most venomous rattlesnakes because they don’t know how to handle their venom,” said Watt.
It ended up being a longnose snake. Completely harmless.

ESPN ranked the top 100 college football players in D1.
36 of the top 100 were from the SEC
While 3 of the top 10 are Buckeyes
CJ Stroud Junior QB at #3
Jaxon Smith- NJigba Junior WR at #4
Sophomore RB TreVeyon Henderson at #7

At Caesars, one bettor placed a whopping $1.5K on wide receiver Will Fuller to lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns this season at 500 to 1.
A win would bring $750K, and according to Caesars, it’s the biggest bet they have received on this prop. There’s only one problem: Fuller is currently a free agent!

Football beat Baseball last weekend
The Seahawks-Steelers game had an average audience of 2.16 million viewers. Fox generated an average audience of 2.08 million for a nationwide showing of Yankees-Red Sox  or Mariners-Rangers.

This years’ NBA schedule release was today at 3pm. There will be no games on Election Day.
Tuesday, November 8th will be dark throughout the league in an effort to promote “non-partisan civic engagement” so fans can make plans for themselves and their families to get out and vote.

A two-part documentary on the college football catfishing story that revolved around Heisman Trophy candidate Manti Te’o is now on Netflix as part of the “Untold” series. In “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist.” Because he’s not embarrassed enough about what happened over 10 years ago.

The Guardians look to split with the pesky Detroit Tigers tonight after dropping last nights’ game 4-3
Cal Quantrill goes for the G’s who are holding on to 1st place in the AL Central by 1 game over the Twins and the White Sox.

Today is Wednesday August 17, 2002
Today in sports and pop culture history:

65 years ago – In 1957, Richie Ashburn of the Philadelphia Phillies hit a foul ball that accidentally nailed Alice Roth in the stands and broke her nose.  As Roth was being taken out on a stretcher, Ashburn hit her with another foul ball.

53 years ago – In 1969, the third and final day of the original Woodstock kicked off with Joe Cocker.  He played 11 songs and ended his set with “ With a little help from my friends.”

36 years ago – In 1986, Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen played his first UK concert with the band since losing his left arm in a car accident.

14 years ago – In 2008, Michale Phelps became the first person to win eight gold medals in a single Olympic Games thanks to his incredible swimming skills. Phelps won 23 gold medals in his Olympic career.

Celebrating Birthdays today

Donnie Wahlberg is 53.  Former New Kid On The Block who now plays Detective Danny Reagan on “Blue Bloods”. He’s been married to Jenny McCarthy since 2014.

Sean Penn is 62. (“Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “At Close Range,” “State of Grace,” “Carlito’s Way,” “Dead Man Walking “I am Sam,” “Mystic River” “Milk,” “Into The Wild,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”)

Belinda Carlisle, lead singer of the Go-Go’s is 64.  Inducted into the Rock Hall last year.

Robert De Niro is 79 (“Bang the Drum Slowly,” “Mean Streets,” “The Godfather Part II,” “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” “Cape Fear,” “Casino,” “The Deer Hunter,” “Analyze This,” “Meet The Parents,” “Meet The Fockers,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “American Hustle”)