Sports ‘n Stuff! 9/28/21

This Friday, “The Many Saints Of Newark” hits screens, and the early buzz says fans of “The Sopranos” won’t be disappointed. In it, Ray Liotta plays “Hollywood” Dick Moltisanti. Liotta admits to never seeing more than a couple episodes of the show, but says he was blown” away by the performance of Michael Gandolfini as the young Tony Soprano. Michael is the real life son of the late James Gandolfini, (aka Tony Soprano).

Former Cleveland Brown Josh Gordon has been reinstated by the NFL AGAIN. He Signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and will be eligible to play week 4. Gordon has been suspended 5 times over the past 7 seasons and hasn’t played since 2019.

Tomorrow is National Coffee Day and there are numerous deals that you may want to check out from some of the major chains. Here are a few:

Starbucks – is celebrating its 50th anniversary and if you bring in a clean, empty reusable cup of up to 20 ounces you will get a free cup of Pike Place Roast brewed coffee for free at participating locations.

Dunkin’ – you need to be a member of the DD Perks loyalty program and if so get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase tomorrow. The offer is also good for new members who sign up on the Dunkin app or .com

David Letterman somehow got in to Brooklyn Nets media day yesterday and managed to ask more questions to Kevin Durant than Kenny Roda’s allowed from Lebron James.

A federal judge said yesterday that the man who shot President Reagan and others in 1981 John Hinckley Jr. can be freed from all his remaining restrictions next year.

Presiding judge saying the 66-year-old Hinckley has displayed no symptoms of active mental illness and that if he hadn’t tried to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981, “he would have been unconditionally released a long, long, long time ago.”

He will have some restriction.

He’s not allowed to contact Reagan’s children, other victims or their families, or actress Jodie Foster, who he was obsessed with when he shot the president.

ESPN reporting Veteran cornerback Richard Sherman is flying to Tampa today to visit and work out for the Buccaneers.

Sherman, who has been in discussions with the Bucs for several weeks, needs a week or two until he’s ready to play, sources told ESPN’s Ed Werder.

Sherman who is 33 is still dealing with legal issues stemming from a domestic violence case.

ESPN NFL Power Rankings

  1. LA Rams flipped from 2
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers flip flopped from #1
  3. Buffalo Bills up 2 spots
  4. Green Bay Packers also a big jump up from 11
  5. Las Vegas Raiders big jump, up 5 spots
  6. Cleveland Browns up 2 spots from 8
  7. Baltimore Ravens up 2 spots
  8. Arizona Cardinals down 1 spot
  9. LA Chargers, up 9 spots 
  10. Kansas City Chiefs, down 7 spots from 3

A herd of escaped goats were found roaming through a town near Atlanta in Georgia.

The Atlanta Police Department said the goats, which belong to business Get Your Goats, had been employed to clear overgrowth from outside a Kroger store in Buckhead, but escaped from the electric fence keeping them contained.

The owner of Get Your Goats said about 40 of the animals, as well as three  herding dogs, escaped from the fence.

Happy ending as Animal Control officers arrived on the scene and were able to round up all the animals and return them all to safety.

Today is Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Today in Sports History

1892 – The first nighttime football game in the U.S. took place under electric lights. The game was between the Mansfield State Normal School and the Wyoming Seminary. 

1941 – Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox) hit .400 for the season. He was the last major league player of the century to achieve this statistic. 

1955 – The World Series was televised in color for the first time. The game was between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. 

1991 – Michael Jordan was a guest on “Saturday Night Live.” 

Today in Music History

1963 – It is believed that the very first Beatles song was played on U.S. radio when DJ “Murry the K” in New York played “She Loves You.”