Kenny’s Keys To A Browns Win Over The Steelers

Kenny’s Keys To Beating Pittsburgh


  1. Win The Turnover Battle By A +2 – That means Baker Mayfield must protect the football at all costs with no stupid interceptions and cover up when being pressured in the pocket or throw the ball away. On the flipside, the Browns defense led by Myles Garrett, must force Ben Roethlisberger into an interception and a fumble. And Big Ben in 21 career playoff games has thrown 24 interceptions and has had a few fumbles, so he is susceptible to coughing it up. Or create a turnover with Steelers punt returner Ray-Ray McCloud who is dangerously loose with the football.
  2. Run, Run, Run, Run The Football – The strength of your team is your tandem of running backs in Nick Chubb end Kareem Hunt along with your offensive line even though Joel Bitonio is out. Run the football, shorten the game, play action off of your running game which is one of Baker Mayfield strengths, and by controlling the time of possession, you keep your weakness, which is your defense, off the field.
  3. Score Redzone TDs, Not Field Goals – In order to beat a team like the Steelers, if you are lucky enough to get into the red zone a few times you cannot settle for field goals. 3 points each time on numerous trips will not get it done, you must score touchdowns every time with the exception of late in the half, late in the game, or in overtime.
  4. Score Early And Play From In Front – The Steelers have struggled to score early in games. So if the Browns can take a 7 point or larger lead early, and make the Steelers play from behind, that puts pressure on the Steelers offense, which is one dimensional with no running game, and that can also slow down the Steelers biggest weapon on defense, their pass rush.
  5. Make Plays When Plays Are There To Be Made – When a receiver is open Baker Mayfield must throw the football on target and not behind him or miss him completely. However, if your quarterback is a little off the mark, his receiver must catch the football and help his quarterback out even if it is not an accurate throw. If an interception is there to be had, you have to catch it and not drop it. If a fumble is on the ground, you must recover it and not miss an opportunity. Limit the number of missed tackles, because the Steelers receivers will make you pay if you swing and miss. And your place kicker must make all of his extra points and any field goals in this game. These sound like really simple and almost stupid comments, but a lot of times in big games, a lack of fundamentals, like the ones I have mentioned cost a team a game.

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