Lucas Prosecutors: Toledo-Area Woman Allegedly Killed by Canton Teen in Michigan Landfill

TOLEDO, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – More information, trickling out about the death of a Toledo-area woman, allegedly at the hands of a Canton 17-year-old.

Prosecutors in the Nicole Jones case say the woman’s body is in a Michigan landfill.

They say it ended up there after the 53-year-old was thrown in a dumpster.

Kaitlyn Coones appeared in a Lucas County juvenile courtroom last week, pleading not guilty to juvenile murder charges in the case.

She was located in Mexico two weeks ago with Jones’s son, Jonathan.

The 33-year-old does not face charges at this time in connection with the murder.

The teen was initially housed at the Multi-County Juvenile Attention Center in Canton Township since being brought back from Mexico.

She has since been moved to a similar facility in Lucas County.