Sports ‘n Stuff 12/14/22

The total value of every team in the NBA has grown to around $90-billion. New numbers from Sportico show the value of each individual franchise, with an average value of about $30-billion per team. At the top of the heap we have:

  • Golden State Warriors – worth $7.56-billion (up 25%)
  • New York Knicks – worth $6.58B (up 8%)
  • Los Angeles Lakers – worth $6.44B (up 14%)
  • Chicago Bulls – worth $4.09B (up 16%)
  • Boston Celtics – worth $3.92B (up 14%)
  • The Cavs are listed at #23 worth $1.93B (up11%)

At the bottom, you’ve got the New Orleans Pelicans, which are worth $1.63-billion…up 8% from last year.

The NBA has revamped many of its awards and trophies in recent years. The All-Star Game MVP award was renamed for Kobe Bryant. The Eastern and Western Conference Finals series were given MVP awards, which were named after Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, respectively, even the championship trophy has been redesigned.

But on Tuesday, the NBA announced its biggest awards shakeup yet. Several of its highest-profile trophies have been renamed and redesigned in honor of Hall of Fame players. Here is the complete list:

  • The MVP award will now come with the Michael Jordan trophy.
  • The Defensive Player of the Year trophy has been named after Hakeem Olajuwon.
  • The Rookie of the Year trophy has been named for Wilt Chamberlain.
  • The Sixth Man of the Year trophy has been named after John Havlicek.
  • The Most Improved Player trophy will be named after George Mikan.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield’s game-winning performance in his Rams debut is also an award-winning one.

Mayfield has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for Week 14, it was announced this morning.

Mayfield completed 22 of 35 pass attempts for 230 yards and the go-ahead touchdown pass with 10 seconds left in the Rams’ 17-16 win over the Raiders on Thursday Night Football. The touchdown pass came at the end of a 98-yard drive that marked the longest go-ahead drive that began in the final two minutes over the last 45 seasons, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

Have you seen the report that ranked the most stressful jobs in America?  “Urologist” is #1.  But we went through the list, and “radio disc jockey” is more stressful than 83% of all jobs.

That includes airline pilot . . . someone who handles explosives . . . and people who operate NUCLEAR power plants.

Here are a few jobs that are LESS stressful than disc jockey:  Store security guard . . . embalming dead bodies . . . airline pilot . . . border patrol agent . . . TSA agent . . . disaster response coordinator . . . captain of a boat . . . drive-thru worker.

The news site put together a list of the weirdest world records broken in 2022.  Here are the top ten in no particular order . . .

With listed 5 and Our favorite…

Fastest time to assemble a Mr. Potato Head. A guy in Malaysia did it in 5.43 seconds



1. Most soda cans suctioned to a person’s head. A bald guy in Wisconsin did ten at once.  He claims he has a weird skin condition where his pores suck in oxygen.


2. Most eggs balanced on the back of your hand. A guy in Iraq did 18 eggs.


3. Fastest time to find and alphabetize all 26 letters in a can of Alphabet Soup.  A guy in Oregon did it in just under 2 minutes and 9 seconds.


4. Fastest time to eat 10 Carolina Reaper hot peppers. They’re the hottest in the world.  A guy from California did it in 33 seconds.


5.  Fastest tightrope walk in 4 inch high heels. A teenager in Vermont crushed the old record of 49 feet.  She walked back and forth on a tightrope and never fell.  She decided to stop at just under 640 feet.



Here’s a list of holiday movies that have the most cuss words.  


1.  “Bad Santa” (2003):  255 swear words


2.  “The Ref” (1994):  86 swear words


3.  “Better Watch Out” (2016):  82 swear words


4.  “Die Hard” (1988):  77 swear words


5.  “Just Friends” (2005):  46 swear words


6.  “Black Christmas” (1974):  39 swear words


7.  “Trading Places” (1983):  37 swear words


8.  “Krampus” (2015):  37 swear words


9.  “Love Actually” (2003):  36 swear words


10.  “The Family Man” (2000):  32 swear words

Which brings us to our Random Fact “O” the day

The highest score anyone’s ever gotten in a video game is 23.4 quintillion points.  A guy named Tom Duncan managed to get that score on the Atari game “Garfield” in 2008.

We don’t know if Tom also owns the record for living in his mom’s basement!

The Cavs take on the Mavs in Dallas tonight at 9. 

Cleveland is 17-11 while Dallas is 14-13

The Cavs have lost 8 of their last 9 road games and the Mavericks are currently 2 point favorites

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On this day in Pop Culture History

43 years ago – In 1979, the Steve Martin comedy “The Jerk” was released.