(WHBC) – People across Stark County are cleaning up after powerful storms brought down trees and power lines on Sunday.

Tammy lives on Pondera Street, off of Strausser Street, in Jackson Township.

“I was upstairs and the kids were downstairs when we heard the tornado warning,” she told us as crews were cutting up a giant tree in her front yard.

“And I thought, well, we never get anything, but then we heard a giant boom and my daughter said the big tree’s down in the front.”

And then seconds later they could hear other trees getting snapped and coming down and that’s when they rushed to the basement.

They waited for several minutes before coming up to check out the damage.

She says her house is okay structurally, but her neighbor’s were put out of their house after several trees came down, some punching holes in the roof.

Tammy says she’s had bad luck with storms lately.

During a severe weather event in the middle of March she had several trees in her back yard come down and destroy a fence she just had installed.

She’s hoping Mother Nature takes it easy on them for a while.

Weather officials are looking into whether the damage in Stark County was the result of straight-line winds or a weak tornado.