2023 Memorial Day Programing on 1480 WHBC

Memorial Day is a day to honor those lost while serving our country.  A special day for families and friends of those who served in war but never returned.

News-Talk 1480 WHBC in partnership with Fox News Radio will provide three Memorial Day Special that will air through out the morning on May 29th from 6:00am to Noon.  Tune in and join the spirit of the day.  Below are the programs being offered:

Fox News RadioIraq: 20 Years Later

What would have happened if the U.S. never entered Iraq in 2003?  What would that country look like today?  Would America be less safe if it didn’t deliver ‘shock and awe’ 20 years ago?  Join Brian Kilmeade and guests as they discuss how capturing dictator Saddam Hussein changed that country, and ours, forever.

Fox News Radio

Defending the Essence of America

This Memorial Day, join The Will Cain Podcast with FOX & Friends Weekend Co-Host Will Cain as he explores the topic of declining patriotism in America, according to a poll in the Wall Street Journal. Will offers five principles that highlight what makes America worth fighting for. Additionally, he reflects on the life of a former Navy SEAL who passed away after battling not only the physical wounds he received but also the invisible wounds that remained.

Fox News Radio

The Voices of America’s Silent Heroes

This Memorial Day, join FOX News State Department Correspondent and New York Times Best-selling author, Benjamin Hall as he narrates his life story along with appearances from his friends, family, and the heroes that have impacted his life in the most profound ways. Based on the success of his book, “Saved,” Benjamin provides an intimate glimpse into his early days as a freelance war reporter, and his recovery after returning home from Ukraine, where he was struck by an IED.



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