A Closer Look – Wrapping up the Season by Mark Miller


The end to the season for our last local team.  The Green Bulldogs did themselves, and all the area, very proud with their hard play and good sportsmanship. And great job fans – the Green side was full and vocal!  We were proud to carry their last two games on WHBC.

I have many fond memories of the 2021 football season.  It was a much more “normal” after struggling through the 2020 football year. We had fans, bands and students dressing up in the theme of the week. The excitement was back and the play on the fields showed it. There were more overtime games than I remember in one year.  And the games that ended in regulation were often very close.

Specific things I will not soon forget:

– Antonio Hall and the McKinley Bulldogs facing an unbelievable challenge, righting the ship and having a    

  great season

– AJ Sarbaugh leading the Fairless Falcons to a league championship and the best postgame celebration   

  ever – the Ring of Fire!

– The Hoover Vikings and that “scary” good defense – sure glad I didn’t have to play against it when I was 

  in HS

– A plethora of good kickers and underclassmen QB’s in our area this year, many of whom we will hear 

  from on future college teams 


We really appreciate the coaches and athletic directors that give us stats, rosters and info to share with you during the games. We are really blessed to have great coaches in this area.

Thanks to my broadcast partners, Dan Belford, Denny Kinkead and Kenny Roda – simply the best!  We sure have a ball doing the games and I hope you are entertained and informed at the same time. Thanks to Brian, Dale and Rich for making it so easy on us.  Thanks also to the stream and TV guys for helping out when needed and thanks especially to Pam Cook, who makes it all work.

Most of all, thanks listeners – the reason we all do this.  See you in ’22!