According to a new book on the New England Patriots called “The Dynasty”GISELE BUNDCHEN went OFF on Pats owner Robert Kraft about how coach Bill Belichick was mistreating Tom.  This was back in 2017.

She said it was ridiculous that after all these years, Belichick still treated Tom like, quote, “[effing] Johnny Foxboro.”  (Foxboro is where the Patriots are based.)

She argued that Bill never voiced his approval, and that he was dressing down “the most accomplished quarterback in league history” during team meetings.

Tom was actually there at the time, which is even more awesome.  They were meeting with Kraft after Belichick banned Tom’s personal trainer from the sideline and the team plane.

Tom and Gisele said it was time for them to make some changes that were in the best interest of their family.  Among other things, they were contemplating a change of scenery.

Kraft wasn’t surprised by their feelings toward Bill.  He WAS surprised to hear that they wanted to leave New England.

Ultimately, Tom decided to stay for two more years, the 2018 and 2019 seasons.  And they won a Super Bowl in the 2018 season.  Of course, Tom left after last season, and is now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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