Valentine’s Day Gift of The Season: Naming Cockroaches After Your Awful Ex!

A British zoo is offering spurned lovers the chance to get back at their exes by naming cockroaches for them on Valentine’s Day.

The Hemsley Conservation Center in Sevenoaks, England, is raising funds by allowing members of the public to pay about $2 to name a cockroach after their former lovers.

The zoo said the names chosen by those who pay the fee will be displayed on a board outside the roach enclosure, and the purchaser will receive a certificate from the facility.

Lest you think you’re being too cheap with the $2 donation, they also offer several upgrades.  For instance, for $15 your ex will also get a very classy online certificate emailed direclty to them, ensuring authenticity of the named cockroach.


Probably not.

Name a roach:



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