Cleveland Browns General Manager John Dorsey met with the media today to discuss what he said would be a “very thorough” search for the new head football coach of the team, revealing that defensive coordinator and interim head coach Gregg Williams and offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens will be among the several candidates to be interviewed.

On Williams, Dorsey said this:

“We are going to interview Gregg tomorrow. With that being said, I want to see his overarching vision and plan for this organization moving forward. I want to hear his thoughts on the team moving forward, but I also want to be able to explore multiple options out there in the National Football League and just see who fits this organization moving forward. There may be some guys out there that we do not know about yet so I just want to explore all options and make the best decision for this organization.”

When asked about Kitchens’ candidacy, Dorsey said:

“Yes. I think he has earned it. He has done a nice job in his role as offensive coordinator. I think this organization wants to get to know him a little bit better. We will eventually get him in an interview slot and move forward.”

Dorsey would not go into detail about any other possible candidates for the job.