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Here are the Top 10 jobs that make the most Tips

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If you’re sick of only getting paid every two weeks, the jobs website Zippia posted a list of the ten jobs that make the most TIPS.  You can probably guess what #1 is.  But here are all ten . . .

1.  Servers.  Tips are still how they make most of their money.

2.  Food delivery drivers.  There are a ton of jobs now because of COVID.

3.  Babysitters and nannies.  A lot of people tip on top of their hourly.

4.  Uber and Lyft drivers.  And obviously taxi drivers still exist in some spots.

5.  Bartenders.  The general rule is $1 per drink, or 20% of your total tab.

6.  Doormen.  They can make a lot around the holidays.

7.  Golf caddies.  They can get $50 per player.  Or more if it’s a really nice course.

8.  DJs at parties.  For song requests, especially if they put a tip jar out.

9.  Hotel employees.  Remember what hotels are?  It’s been a while.

10.  Hairdressers and beauticians.  Most people tack on a decent tip.


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