Here Comes 2021:  Will you ever shake hands again?

While most of us can’t wait to see this dumpster fire of a year end this week, and for life to eventually get back to “normal,” it seems there are some things about 2020 folks aren’t so eager to give up.

A new Fast Company survey finds:

  • A lot of people are perfectly happy not shaking folks’ hands.
  • In fact, 30% say they would prefer to shake hands less often than they did before the pandemic.
  • Not only that, 26% wouldn’t want to do it at all.
  • 54% of people agree with the statement, “I would be happy to never shake someone’s hand again.”
  • Another 54% would only do it if it were required in something like a formal or professional setting.

Another thing folks seem to be okay with keeping around is virtual meet-ups.

  • 20% of people would be happy to attend more virtual get-togethers even after the pandemic is over.
  • 26% expect to hold the same amount of virtual gatherings.
  • This is particularly true when it comes to work meetings, with 61% of people saying they prefer video conferencing for work.
  • 53% say they enjoy it for “visiting” with family.

But when it comes to the office, folks aren’t ready to give it up completely, although they aren’t necessarily anxious to go back all the time.

  • 43% of those polled say they would like to return to the office just like they were before the pandemic.
  • 25% would like to be in the office more often.
  • 66% though say they would rather have a “mix of in-office and remote work.”

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