How Much MORE do you Spend at the Grocery Store when your Kids are With You?

Remember when you were young, and your parent would bribe you on shopping trips with a candy bar if you were good?  Well, today’s kids might be scoring a lot more than that.

According to a new study, the average parent spends 35% more when shopping with kids as opposed to shopping alone.  And they say the average shopping trip costs $179 with kids . . . and $133 alone.  Or $46 less.

Some of that could be bribes, like candies . . . snacks . . . and toys.  But it’s also that parents just buy additional stuff when their kids are with them . . . and spend less time comparing prices or talking themselves OUT of a purchase.

But the $46 difference isn’t a total loss.  Parents say there ARE things that kids can learn on shopping trips.  Things like “the value of a dollar” . . . the difference between “necessities” and “nice-to-haves” . . . patience . . . how to look for bargains . . . and where to find things in a store.





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