Indians Release 2020 Schedule; Refund Options

The Cleveland Indians today announced the club’s new 2020 schedule, as well as ticket options for fans with impacted games to either automatically receive a credit with a 10% bonus or request a refund.

With the announcement of the 2020 schedule, the Cleveland Indians have also announced fans will not be permitted to attend games at Progressive Field to start the season. The club will continue to work with local health and government officials to monitor the possibility of fans returning to Progressive Field during the 2020 season. Fans with impacted games from June to September will receive an email with further instructions on how to receive a credit or request a refund. Those with impacted games from March to May should have already received communication regarding credits and refunds.

The Tribe opens the 60-game 2020 season at Progressive Field on Friday, July 24 against Kansas City. The home opener is part of a six-game homestand against Kansas City (July 24-26) and Chicago-AL (July 27-29).

Throughout the 2020 season, the Tribe will face each AL Central team 10 times for a total of 40 games. Additionally, the Tribe will take on the NL Central 20 times this season; Pittsburgh (six games due to geographic proximity), Chicago-NL (four games), Cincinnati (four games), Milwaukee (three games) and St. Louis (three games).



July 24 v Kansas City, 7:10PM

July 25 v Kansas City, 5:10PM

July 26 v Kansas City, 1:10PM

July 27 v Chicago-AL, 7:10PM

July 28 v Chicago-AL, 7:10PM

July 29 v Chicago-AL, 6:10PM

July 30 @ Minnesota, 7:15PM

July 31 @ Minnesota, 7:10PM


August 1 @ Minnesota, 7:10PM

August 2 @ Minnesota, 2:10PM

August 3 @ Cincinnati, 6:40PM

August 4 @ Cincinnati, 6:10PM

August 5 v Cincinnati, 7:10PM

August 6 v Cincinnati, 6:10PM

August 7 @ Chicago-AL, 8:10PM

August 8 @ Chicago-AL, 2:10PM

August 9 @ Chicago-AL, 2:10PM

August 11 v Chicago-NL, 7:10PM

August 12 v Chicago-NL, 6:10PM

August 14 @ Detroit, 7:10PM

August 15 @ Detroit, 6:10PM

August 16 @ Detroit, 1:10PM

August 18 @ Pittsburgh, 7:05PM

August 19 @ Pittsburgh, 7:05PM

August 20 @ Pittsburgh, 7:05PM

August 21 v Detroit, 7:10PM

August 22 v Detroit, 7:10PM

August 23 v Detroit, 1:10PM

August 24 v Minnesota, 7:10PM

August 25 v Minnesota, 7:10PM

August 26 v Minnesota, 7:10PM

August 28 @ St. Louis, 8:15PM

August 29 @ St. Louis, 1:15PM

August 30 @ St. Louis, 2:15PM

August 31 @ Kansas City, 8:05PM


September 1 @ Kansas City, 8:05PM

September 2 @ Kansas City, 8:05PM

September 4 v Milwaukee, 7:10PM

September 5 v Milwaukee, 7:10PM

September 6 v Milwaukee, 1:10PM

September 7 v Kansas City, 6:10PM

September 8 v Kansas City, 6:10PM

September 9 v Kansas City, 6:10PM

September 10 v Kansas City, 6:10PM

September 11 @ Minnesota, 8:10PM

September 12 @ Minnesota, 8:15PM

September 13 @ Minnesota, 4:10PM

September 15 @ Chicago-NL, 8:15PM

September 16 @ Chicago-NL, 8:15PM

September 17 @ Detroit, 7:10PM

September 18 @ Detroit, 7:10PM

September 19 @ Detroit, 6:10PM

September 20 @ Detroit, 1:10PM

September 21 v Chicago-AL, 6:10PM

September 22 v Chicago-AL, 6:10PM

September 23 v Chicago-AL, 6:10PM

September 24 v Chicago-AL, 6:10PM

September 25 v Pittsburgh, 7:10PM

September 26 v Pittsburgh, 7:10PM

September 27 v Pittsburgh, 3:10PM

Dates subject to change.