June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day! Today is the perfect day to show your furry friend a little extra love and affection.

Back in the days of Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as symbols of poise and grace. National Hug Your Cat Day is the perfect way for cats to be worshipped once again. Put your feline on a pedestal as a reward for every time they’ve cuddled up to you after a long day.

Petting your cat can be fun, but did you know that there are also health benefits from showing affection to pets? Studies show that hugs from animals have to potential to lower blood pressure and stress levels.

To celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day, give your cat a big hug. And while you’re giving it tons of love, you might as well throw in some grooming and a treat!

AND — Pam Cook will be celebrating with her cat Smokey today — Smokey turns 14 today!  Happy Birthday Smokey!



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