Dr. Murray Cohen spent 20 years with the CDC crafting policy for infection prevention.  He spoke on the Gary Rivers Show Wednesday morning on the importance of getting your children to develop good safety habits at school , considering how easy it is to pick up germs.

He suggested kids study up on these particularly germ-heavy locations and avoid them like the principal’s office. 

If they’re not in the cafeteria eating lunch or running around the gymnasium, students-at least, well behaved ones-are spending a lot of time at their desk. It’s no wonder why these surfaces are often listed as things that must be disinfected to help stop the spread of influenza and other illnesses. 

Computer keyboards
Being touched by lots of hands and not many cleaning supplies is a bad recipe that creates lots of bacteria. According to the NSF, researchers who looked into the germiest places in two Michigan schools found that computer keyboards were actually dirtier than the toilet seats. 

Between bacteria-covered sponges and faucets that are teeming with germs from the dirty hands that last touched them, sinks are a hotbed for influenza, salmonella, and E. coli. 

Waste baskets
If they’re not often emptied enough, tissue-filled waste baskets can spread influenza and other illnesses. 

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