Message to Students:  Get Vaccinated

In a press conference yesterday the message was delivered to student athletes and all students who participate in extra curricular activities.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine joined Ohio High School Athletic Association Director Doug Ute, and Ohio Department of Health Chief Medical Officer Bruce Vanderhoff, M.D., to encourage Ohio high school student athletes to get a COVID-19 pandemic in order to protect themselves, to protect their teams, and to protect their season.

“We know that vaccine is our most effective tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and our ticket to get back to the way things used to be. For many students, that means getting back to playing sports or being involved in student activities with fewer restrictions. By getting vaccinated students will be protecting themselves and each other,” said Governor DeWine. “The vaccine is our ticket to allow athletes to live up to their dreams and compete.

The request isn’t just for student athletes, it’s for all students – those that are involved in arts, theater, debate. Dr. Vanderhoff explained that time is right to get vaccinated and be fully protected by the time practices are in full swing.

“We’re encouraging everyone that’s eligible to be vaccinated get vaccinated, said Dr. Vanderhoff. “It’s not just the way we are going to ensure we have the sports seasons, the band seasons, or ensure we have a school play, it’s also because you will be protecting some of the younger students who right now can’t be vaccinated as well as vulnerable people in your community.”

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