Schoenbrunn Village Site Manager, Diedra Lute spoke to Gary Rivers Wednesday morning about a special event happening at the site Thursday morning.

Historic Schoenbrunn Village invites you to attend a presentation given by enrolled members of the Shawnee, Delaware, and Seneca-Cayuga (also historically known as the Mingo when living in Ohio/Pennsylvania) Tribes whose ancestors were all forcibly removed from Ohio to Oklahoma in the 19th century. Come and learn about these communities, their lifestyle and culture, as it existed in the 18th century in Ohio as well as their existence in Oklahoma today. There will be a discussion on the roles that Schoenbrunn and the other two Moravian Missions on the Tuscarawas River played in 18th century tribal communities. Learn about these American Indian communities and their relocation from Ohio to their present-day locations in Oklahoma and Canada. Do not miss this chance to learn and interact with the legitimate descendants of some of the Native Communities who once called Ohio home.

We encourage everyone to come and enjoy an evening of education as we step back in time and learn about 18th century American Indians and their transition to modern day. The presentation will take place at 6:30p.m. in front of the reconstructed School House at Historic Schoenbrunn Village. This event is free and open to the public. This event was made possible by our sponsors, Tuscarawas Valley Heritage Association and Country Inn and Suites in Dover, Ohio.

In German, Schoenbrunn means “Beautiful Spring” and that is exactly what David Zeisberger found when he founded the Village in 1772! Come to our beautifully restored Village and visit a time before the American Revolution. The Village highlights a unique meeting of two cultures, the Moravian Missionaries started Schoenbrunn and lived in peace with the Delaware Native Americans. Today, Schoenbrunn offers 17 reconstructed log buildings returning to a time of America’s beginning.

Contact: Deidra Lute, Site Manager, by phone at 740.922.6776 or 330.663.6610, or by email at [email protected].