If Major League Baseball is going to stop teams from stealing signs in the post season in the future—they may need to work a lot harder.

Because they may have to police an extra four teams soon.

This after the MLB is reportedly mulling significant changes to its postseason—including increasing the number of teams from 10 to 14 and adding a reality-TV-type format to determine what teams play each other in an expanded wild-card round.

If the change is made, each league would have three division winners and four wild-card teams make the postseason with the best team in the league receiving a bye into the division series. The two remaining division winners and the wild-card team with the best record of the four would each host all games of a best-of-three series of the opening round.

Once the teams clinch, and the regular season ends, the plan gets congested:

  • The division winner with the second-best record would select its wild-card opponent from the three wild-card winners with the worst records of the four.
  • The team with the worst record of the three division winners would pick its opponent from the remaining two wild-card teams.
  • The final matchup would pit the wild-card winner with the best record against the wild-card team not chosen.

Of course, the selections would be unveiled live on television the Sunday night of the final regular-season games making for another TV ratings grab.

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