If you’ve been thinking forever that you should start meditating to try to relax, don’t worry about it.  Just knock out a few rounds of “Fortnite” or “Fruit Ninja” and it’s basically the same thing.  No, really.

According to a new study out of England, playing a game on your phone is just as relaxing as meditating . . . maybe even MORE relaxing.

The researchers had some people play a game on their phone to unwind after a day of work . . . and had some people use a mindfulness app to do breathing and meditation exercises.

And they found the people who played the game wound up feeling more relaxed than the people who meditated.  The more they liked the game, the more relaxed they felt.

And . . . the people who meditated felt progressively WORSE the more days they did it.

The researchers say the study shows there’s a, quote, “real benefit” to unwinding after work with a game that’s immersing, distracting, fun, challenging, and makes you feel like you’re in control.


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