Practical and Fun Suggestions For You & The Kids When They’re on “Snow Break”

So, Gary Rivers asked the Question….”What Can I Do with kids when they’re home from school due to cold weather?

A number of suggestions were sent it —- along with some practical advice form a Children Services employee.

  1. enjoy the snow. build snowman or igloo
  2. Go to library. Read a book about warm tropical places.
  3. Go to movie matinee. a Family movie
  4. Help humane society. Help to feed and bathe animals.
  5. Try a new recipe that the kids will get involved in.
  6. turn off tv and play a board game
  7. Learn the enjoy the child’s fascination with Fortnight..
  8. You and the kids offer to shovel a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk..
  9. check in on an elderly person who lives alone
  10. Perform a “snowstopping dance” with a local native american so kids can go back to school.

Parents Only if the stress is inching forward….

  • take a walk around the block to relieve stress
  • hire a babysitter and take a parental break
  • Really stressed?  Shovel snow off the drieway…or your neighbor’s driveway


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