Procrastinate?  Here’s Some Help!!!

If you’ve been procrastinating on something you need to do, here are four tips on how to get past it . . .

1.  Identify the pain points.  Ask yourself WHY you’re procrastinating.  Like if you need to clean the house but HATE folding laundry, try to tackle everything BUT that.

2.  Write down simple things you can accomplish in a few minutes.  And then try to cross those off the list.

3.  Do the smallest step first.  Like if you need to do your taxes, start with just gathering your documents.  Usually once you’ve started, you’ll want to keep going.  But if not, at least you’re closer to being finished than you were.

4.  Use the Pomodoro technique.  It involves setting a timer for 25 minutes and working on the task for that entire time without any interruptions or distractions. Then you take a five-minute break as a reward before starting the next 25-minute work period.



(Huff Post)