SARTA gets to Show Off on Monday
Participants in Green Energy Ohio’s statewide 2021 Electric Vehicle Tour will get a close-up view of the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority’s (SARTA) award winning hydrogen fuel cell-powered (HFC) bus program when they visit the transit system’s Canton, OH headquarters on Monday, June 7.
“We look forward to welcoming Green Energy Ohio to the epi-center of the zero-emission revolution in public transit,” SARTA CEO Kirt Conrad said. “We especially appreciate having the opportunity to share information with this influential group and demonstrate the many reasons why hydrogen is the best alternative fuel solution available in the transportation space.”
The following activities are planned for the visit which is scheduled to begin at 5:45 P.M.:
  • Walk-around tour of a 40-foot HFC-powered bus;
  • Discussion and Q&A regarding HFC technology and operational performance;
  • Tour of SARTA’s permanent hydrogen fueling station and the groundbreaking mobile refueling system being tested at SARTA by NICE America Research;
  • HFC bus ride through Canton
“To date, the conversation about vehicle electrification has been dominated by the plug-in battery sector,” Mr. Conrad said. “But as more and more people get a close-up look at HFCs via events like the Green Energy Ohio tour and our own Borrow a Bus promotion, hydrogen is gaining traction because the vehicles offer the efficiency, range, operational capabilities, and rider experience that will enable transit agencies across Ohio and the nation to achieve their zero emission goals.”
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