We know Cindy Morrow with Wishes Can Happen is amazed that her organization is in it’s 40th year…well, we here are 1480 WHBC are also amazed that we are in our 15th year of our Wishes Can Happen Wish a thon. Pretty proud of that fact too!

If you hear us talk about Wishes Can Happen but you aren’t familiar with them..We would ask you to go to their website and find out more.  They are special. They are local.  They are important.

If you ARE familiar…spread the word. We want to make this a very special year for Cindy and Madelyn Sweeney.  They works so hard to help grant wishes to kids with life threatening illnesses. And more importantly we want to make this a very special year for the KIDS!  Make a point to tell someone about the organiziation, to talk about the wish a thon and how we are all preparing to raise some money for them.

We can’t do it without you Stark County…..again, it’s something that’s near and dear to our heart….check it out and you’ll see why.  Meet these kids and you’ll know why.  Hear their stories and they will never leave your heart.  Go to WISHES for more details