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So, Why DID The Policeman Run Over a Couple?

There was a lunar eclipse on Sunday night and this might be the worst thing that happened during it.

A cop in West Palm Beach, Florida was driving through a park at 11:30 P.M. on Sunday, right at the height of the eclipse, when he hit a BUMP.

And it turned out to be . . . a 24-year-old man and 24-year-old woman who were lying in the road watching the eclipse.  Oops.

Fortunately, the cop was only going about five miles-per-hour, so both the man and woman are going to survive . . . they were taken to the hospital with, quote, “non-life-threatening injuries.”

And the cop was put on administrative leave while the department investigates.

(Palm Beach Post)

The second-worst thing during the eclipse?  A car in Florida was swept into the ocean by the tide while the people inside were watching.  They’re all okay.  But this is why Florida shouldn’t get eclipses anymore. 


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