Stark County Youth Charged in Temple Israel Plot is Sentenced

The 13-year old Plain Township boy accused of plotting an attack on the Temple Israel in Canton has made his juvenile court appearance, pleaded true to several misdemeanor counts and has been sentenced. The youth was to appear in court next week — that appearance has been cancelled. A judge also sealed the case so he could not be identified nor could his mother.  The case was drawing significant attention from national media in the wake of the Hamas – Israel war.
Now, according to court document filed in the case the plea was to misdemeanor counts of inducing panic and disorderly conduct. Stark County Family Court Judge Jim James then sentenced the boy to a year of probation. There are some other rules to follow as well.

During the next year, he’s not permitted to use the internet without supervision. He has to read a book about the Holocaust and must submit a book report to the juvenile probation department. The Plain Township youth is also required to continue to get counseling with a licensed therapist.