Temple Israel in Canton is Threatened Again

As we mentioned — the national media was all over the story of the 13-year recently sentenced for threatening Temple Israel.

And then….we find out — another threat has happened.

An unknown suspect emailed Temple Israel , claiming explosives had been planted inside the Synagogue along 30th Street Northwest – all of this according to a Canton police report. They evacuated the building – it was swept by police and a k-9 officer and nothing was found.   It happened on Monday morning. The synagogues’ Rabbi David Komerofsky issued a statement:

“The threat was one of hundreds made to various synagogues in the last several days. We are grateful to law enforcement for their swift, consistent and professional response. These can be frightening times and we must remain steadfast in our commitment to continue practicing Judaism and living Jewish values. This means both physical security and spiritual nourishment, and we cannot allow this growing hatred to threaten either.”

This is something that is happening across the country as well.

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