So, it was on this very date, February 1, 1964  The Kingmen’s “Louie Louie” was declared “pornographic” by then  Indiana Governor Matthew Welsh. Though admitting the song’s lyrics were unintelligible, Welsh said the disc “made his ears tingle.” He asked radio stations in the state to ban the song. 

So, how did the governor come to believe the song was indeed bad to listen to?  A letter sent to him from two teenagers in Frankfurt, Indiana.

The two teens have never been identified.  However, reporters in Indiana claim to have found the two (Now in their 70’s) — and have still kept their identities private.



The lyrics may be unintelligible, but they are hardly immoral:

Here they are:

Louie Louie  oh, oh, me gotta go
Louie Louie  oh, oh, me gotta go
A fine little girl she wait for me
Me catch the ship across the sea 

I sailed the ship all alone
I never think I’ll make it home
Louie Louie, me gotta go 

Three nights and days we sailed the sea
Me think of girl constantly
On the ship I dream she there
I smell the rose in her hair
Louie Louie, me gotta go 

Me see Jamaican moon above
It won’t be long me see me love
Me take her in my arms and then I tell her
I never leave again
Louie Louie, me gotta go. 

 (Lyrics by Richard Berry. Copyright 195763 by Limax Music, Inc.)