What makes a new job Good for YOU?  Here’s some Help

Someone online asked for advice on spotting “green flags” during a job interview.  These are signs that tell you if the workplace and employees are worth your time.  Here are some of the best ones to keep an eye out for while job hunting . . .

1.  Low turnover rate.  It shows employee satisfaction.

2.  If you visit the office and see employees talking or laughing.

3.  If the position is open because the person was promoted and not terminated.

4.  When the interviewer tells you the opportunities for advancement and raises.

5.  If nobody is wearing a suit or dress shirt, implying a casual vibe.

6.  Friendly receptionist.

7.  Seeing employees take breaks.

8.  Being told it’s okay to make mistakes.

9.  The interview process includes a test or exercise to check your abilities.

10.  If the interviewer tells you the worst part of the job.



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