Is Fall your Favorite Season?  Grab a Pumpkin Spice Drink

While there are some folks who love the summer and others who can’t wait for the first snowfall of winter, there are plenty of Americans who look forward to the fall, and now a new survey reveals why.

A new poll finds:

  • Americans believe the first two weeks of October is the peak of fall season.
  • They also say 53 degrees is the perfect temperature for fall.
  • 56% of Americans say they are happier in the fall than any other season.
  • 33% say it’s their favorite time of year.
  • Those folks who prefer the fall tend to be:
    • Adventurous and sarcastic
    • They self-identify as rebellious
    • They are more likely to enjoy horror or thriller movies

As for what folks love most about the fall…

  • It shouldn’t be too much of a shock to find out it’s watching the leaves turn colors (51%).
  • 30% actually say it’s being able to eat and drink pumpkin-spice everything.
  • Other top “fall favorites” include:
    • The chill in the air (45%)
    • Drinking hot chocolate (44%)
    • Getting ready for the holidays (40%)
    • Making homemade soup (40%)
    • Beginning to cook holiday foods (35%)
    • Watching Halloween movies (35%)
    • Wearing big sweaters (35%)
    • Listening to the sound of rain on my roof (34%)
    • Lighting seasonal candles (33%)

Source: SWNS Digital