1. Peanut allergies occur whether or not a child is exposed to Peanuts before age 3. Used to think that peanuts caused allergies so avoid.
2.  Fish oil does not reduce the risk of heart disease. Used to think that it did
3.  A life like doll carried around by teenage girls will not deter pregnancies. Used to think that if girl carried around a baby size doll that they were not going to want to get pregnant
4. Ginkgo biloba does not protect against memory loss and dementia. Used to think that it might help with dementia
5. For people in pain in the emergency department opioids is not significantly better than Advil. Used to think that narcotics helped everything
6. Testosterone treatment does not help older men retain their memory. Used to think the testosterone protected man’s brains
7. To protect against asthma attacks it won’t help to keep your house free of dust mites mice and cockroaches. Used to think that lack of cleanliness was a major source of asthma problems
8. Step counters and calorie trackers alone do not help you lose weight. Used to think that having a Fitbit  would enhance weight loss
9.  For torn knee meniscus never do surgery first try physical therapy. Used to go right to surgery and it dramatically increases the risk for arthritis.  Try therapy first!
10.  If a pregnant woman’s water breaks prematurely the baby does not have to be delivered immediately. Used to think that when the membrane ruptures that you need to deliver quickly.  Just have to wait for labor to start.

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