Faced with the prospect of another Halloween season coming and going — and you not participating because …well, because you’re just not into dressing up in the latest pc-inspired holiday costume — what do you do?

You can at least participate by picking out the best-looking pumpkin to carve into a jack-o-lantern.

Or, you can do what the cooler people are doing — Find the ugliest gourds and warty pumpkins to display.

While a lot of people head to a pumpkin patch this time of year to get the perfect pumpkin for their Halloween decor, it seems a lot of people are passing up on perfection this year.

Stacks of the warty pumpkins can be found at almost every farm selling pumpkins — and they are selling.

So go out….get your pumpkin to carve…but the fall display looks so much cooler with a white, yellow, red or orange-blotched gourd with warts — if only as a conversation-starter.